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CSYIC Chairman meets with the Minister of Sustainable Development of Benin and his delegation

CSYIC Chairman meets with the Minister of Sustainable Development of Benin and his delegation

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In September 2018, the Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation was successfully held. During the summit, Mrs Tang Lezhen, Chairman of CSYIC,met with the ministers of the Ministry of Living Environment and Sustainable Development of Benin (hereinafter referred to as the Ministry of Sustainable Development), the ministers of tourism and sports and the project executive directors of the Ministry of Sustainable Development on September 3.



Mrs Tang warmly welcomed the ministers and his delegation to visit China and paid high tribute to them.During the past years, the company has built more than 200 projects in more than 70 countries overseas, which are well received by all parties.



CSYIC has successfully implemented 1520-social-housing project in Cameroon, and now is running the second phase of the project, which is very similar to Benin's social housing project. We have mature experience in project financing, engineering design and construction organization.



Mrs Tang also introduced the concessional loan projects implemented by the company in Cameroon and Seychelles, and said that CSYIC was the first Chinese enterprise in Cameroon to implement concessional loans from the Export-Import Bank of China. The company is very familiar with the process and approval requirements of concessional projects. As one of the top ENR250 companies, the company has the ability to implement social housing projects.



During the implementation of the 1520-housing project in Cameroon, the company trained many technicians and saved the cost for the owners. In order to ensure the smooth entry of the project, the company has also done road and hydropower supporting projects for the owners.



The company will send a team of experts to Benin in the near future to start the project as soon as possible. The company hopes Mr. Minister will pay attention to it and help the team of experts to get the invitation letter from Benin. With the trust and support of the minister, and the active cooperation of department, the company expects to sign MOU at that time, so as to follow-up advance the pre-work such as the research report.



The Minister of Sustainable Development of Benin said that CSYIC was very familiar with the project after meeting with Mr. Alanu in Benin last time. The project is socially secure housing, and the Benin government does not intend to lend. At present, there are 17,000 social housing units to be built in Benin. The Benin government is very interested in the engineering experience and strength of the company. It is hoped that the company will come to Benin to participate in the project bidding. Mr. Minister hopes that CSYIC will become an important partner of the Benin Government.



After the meeting, Mrs. Tang also met with the Chinese Ambassador to Benin, which laid an important foundation for the company to further promote Benin's market development.

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