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Water Tower Project in Olembé, Yaoundé

Water Tower Project in Olembé, Yaoundé

Service description

Name: Water Tower Project in Olembé,Yaoundé

Duration: 6 months

Owner: Cameroon Housing Department

Commencement Date: 7th, June, 2018

Location: 1500 Social Housing Project Olembé Park in Yaoundé

Contents: The project contains two parts, water tower and pool. The water tower is buried 2.3 meters underground, 22.5 meters above ground, with18 meterstower column, 4.5 meters tower top flume, 72 cubic meters of water storage in the tank; the water pool is located underground, with 3.4 meters deep, 180 cubic meters of water storage; and the pump room is 13.5 square meters.

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