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CSYIC Chairman meets with President and Minister of Comoros

CSYIC Chairman meets with President and Minister of Comoros

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In September 2018, the Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation was successfully held. During the summit, Mrs Tang Lezhen, Chairman of CSYIC,met with the President of the Comoros, the Minister of Finance, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the ambassadors in China on 1st , Sep.



Mrs Tang warmly welcomed the President and his ministers to visit China and paid high tribute to him. Mrs Tang said that the company has a long history in Comoros and has built many projects, such as the presidential palace, which have been well received by all parties.



Mrs Tang promised Mr. President that the Maluf Hospital Project is a very important and symbolic livelihood project in Comoros. Although the construction period is urgent, the company has the ability to build the Maluf Hospital into a top-quality project, and is confident that the construction will be completed ahead of schedule so that the Comorian people can benefit from it during the presidency.



Mrs Tang is confident of the company's future in Comoros and will continue to develop in the long term. At the same time, the company will spare no effort to seek other projects in the fields of investment, financing and construction. For this reason, the company will also seek a long-term resident in Kosovo. It is hoped that the President and all the ministers will give the company strong support. As an innovative enterprise with a sense of social responsibility, the company will continue to work with the Comoros to achieve new and greater achievements in promoting economic development and improving the livelihood of the Comoros.



The President of the Comoros said that it was a great pleasure for the people of the Comoros to work with the Chinese. China and Comoros are closely linked. Comoros regards China as a very powerful country in many fields, such as politics, economy and so on. Many Chinese-funded enterprises are developing in Comoros. CSYIC is one of the most important companies, which has good cooperation in many fields, such as medical treatment, construction, education and so on.



The President also stressed that the Comoros currently has limited economic capacity, but still invests a lot of money in the development of health care and education. The Maluf Hospital Project is the most interesting and important project for the people of Comoros. It is hoped that CSYIC will do a good job in this project to satisfy the Comorian government and, more importantly, the Comorian people. The President's son is studying medicine in China and will work in this hospital when he returns home.



The Minister of Finance thanked Mrs Tang for the commitment to complete the project ahead of schedule. The Ministry of Finance will try best to implement the funds. The minister's office is open to the company at any time, and any problems can be visited at any time to seek solutions together. At present, although there are financial gaps, the Comoros government has signed a financing agreement withthe bank to try to solve the funding problem.



The Minister of Foreign Affairs said that Chinese enterprises have a very important position in Comoros, and the airport project has become a landmark building. Comoros is backward in education and has a large demand for school and hospital projects. All parties of the Comoros government will coordinate with each other to speed up the project.

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