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Tang Lezhen, General Manager of the company visited Burundi, Seychelles, and the United Arab Emirates and achieved fruitful resu

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From July, 22 to August, 1, Tang Lezhen, General Manager of the company and Liu Yang, Director of Overseas Engineering Department visited Burundi, Seychelles, and the United Arab Emirates. During the visit in Burundi, they met with China's ambassador to Burundi, and had a meeting with responsible persons of CWE, ZTE and other Chinese companies. They also visited the technical cooperation staffs in the Burundi Vocational and Technical School project, and met with Minister of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. During the visit in Seychelles, Tang met with China's ambassador to Seychelles and Minister of Housing, Infrastructure and Land Transportation of Seychelles, Mayor of Victoria City and other key senior government persons. During the visit in the United Arab Emirates, Tang visited the overseas warehouse of China National Building Materials Group, the United Arab Emirates Branch, and had a meeting with relevant persons. During the visit, Tang had a deep communication with foreign officers and responsible persons of local Chinese companies on the further development of the local market, as well as seeking wider economic and trade cooperation project opportunities, and reached consensus on several aspects, which had laid an important foundation for the expanding of the market in Seychelles, Burundi, and the United Arab Emirates. The foreign partners expressed admiration for the development of the company in recent years, and gave high praise on the national foreign aid projects executed by the company. They all expressed strong wish for development and cooperation. China’s ambassador to Burundi and China’s ambassador to Seychelles also gave high praise to the company, and said they would give more support for the company to go out to the world.