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Human resources

Civil budget officer

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Job Responsibilities:
1. Before the project starts, it must be familiar with the drawings, familiar with the site, and have a certain degree of understanding of the project contracts and agreements;
2. Before the budget is prepared, it is necessary to obtain information such as the construction plan of the technical department to facilitate the correct budget preparation;
3, participate in the negotiation of various types of contracts, master the information to make unit price analysis, for departmental managers to refer to;
4. Timely grasp the changes in relevant economic policies and regulations, such as the adjustment of labor costs, material fees, etc., and provide timely adjustments to provide adjusted data;
5. Properly prepare the construction drawing (construction) budget in a timely manner, correctly calculate the engineering quantity and apply the quota, do a good job analysis of the materials, and timely complete the comparison of the main physical quantity of the budget;
6. During the construction process, it is necessary to collect technical changes and visa forms in a timely manner, and carry out registration numbers in turn, and timely increase or decrease the accounts, as the basis for project final accounts;
7. Assist department managers to do all kinds of economic forecasting work and provide relevant calculation data;
8. Correctly compile and finalize the final accounts in a timely manner, keep abreast of budget costs and actual costs, and be aware of them;
1. Bachelor degree in engineering cost, civil engineering budget management engineering, etc.;
2. Received training in cost control management, legal basis, and contract management;
3, 2 years of experience in finalizing the budget for civil construction;
4. Familiar with the quota and pricing specifications and budget software operation, familiar with the dynamic cutting of project cost, and have the ability to independently complete the preparation and review of the unit's civil construction budget;
5, the character is steady, careful, rigorous and pragmatic; has a high degree of professional integrity.