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Lin Yichong attended the China’s Opening up and Development Forum and made a keynote speech

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On September 21, China’s Opening up and Development Forum sponsored by the International Trade and Economic Cooperation Research Institute of The Ministry Of Commerce was held in Beijing international hotel. Wang Shouwen, Vice Minister of the Ministry Of Commerce and  Deputy Representative of  International Trade Negotiation, Long Guoqiang, Vice Director of Development Research Center of the State Council; Hu Xiaolian, Chairman of Export-Import Bank of China, and Lin Yichong, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company attended the forum. Representatives from The National Bureau of Statistics, Shanghai Cooperation Organization and other international trade organizations participated in the forum.

The topic of the forum was "Focus on the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening up". It carried out a comprehensive review on the experience and achievements in the 40 years after China's reform and opening up, and explored the significance of China’s opening up on the world. Lin Yichong made a keynote speech in the forum, and her topic was “Born by Reform and Be Strong by Opening Up -Review the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening-up from the Development of China Harbor”. From "going out to the world" of China Harbor and  China international engineering contracting industry, the experience of China Harbor Development  and China Harbor's outlook in the new era, Lin talked about the development of China Harbor under the Nation's reform and opening up. He said, facing the future, the company will closely follow the new times and be a firm practitioner of national strategic deployment. While supporting the high quality development of the national economy, the company will also help other countries to develop together with China's economic development.

In the morning, Lin Yichong also took part in the breakfast meeting with Vice Minister Wang Shouwen, and introduced the development status of the company to all parties participated in the meeting. Zhang Shifeng, Deputy General Manager of Strategic Development Department also took part in the meeting.