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General manager mailbox " General Manager's Mailbox" is the network window for China Harbor to communicate and service with internal and external personnel and related parties. You are welcome to put forward opinions, suggestions, requirements, consultation, thanks, complaints and reports on our work through the general manager's mailbox. I hope that through our joint efforts, we will continue to promote the construction of a harmonious China and Hong Kong. Thank you for your concern and support for our company! Matters needing attention I consciously abide by the relevant laws and regulations and prohibit malicious slander, publication of bad information and malicious dissemination. Second, reflect the objective reality of the problem, seek truth from facts, and be responsible for the authenticity of the materials provided. Three, please indicate the basic situation, request and reason to reflect the problem, in order to investigate and feedback. IV. Please fill in your name, unit, phone number, email address, etc. accurately so that we can further understand the relevant situation and timely feedback the processing results. We will keep your personal data confidential.